Bulgarian Rules - Click Here!

The following rules are for all members, no matter their group, main language or position.If you break the rules, you will be punished according to the discretion of a moderator or administrator.

Forum Idea and Structure

This is the official forum of the team Bulgarian Elite.This is a team made up only by bulgarian duelists.Our goal is to remind the Yu-Gi World what bulgarian players were and still are.Band of nerds with lack of any real life and friends, but mad dogs when they got close to their favourite children's card game.If you are going to challenge us, think twice.Dueling is actually the only thing we can do, so we should be good at it.

In brief about the structure of the forum.We have made a special section for our friends that can't speak our lovely language.The forum is called World.There you can introduce yourself, ask us some question or simply challenge us for a war.As well there will be posted articles, that aren't translated yet.In our right down corner you will find our pop-chat.You can always use it for free talk.

General Forum Rules

  • Forum language is Bulgarian, Cyrillic alphabet.

  • In World section main language is English, Latin alphabet.

  • You are limited to only one account.If you don't have a valid reason to have more than one account with the same IP address you risk your accounts be banned.

  • Limit the spam.Avoid posts like "lol" or " ;) ".

  • Learn how to use the Edit button.Don't double post before 24hr passed between your posts.

  • Avoid to create topics that already exist.Make a little research before post.

  • Always stick to the topic of discussion.

  • Members, which avatar or signature has pornographic content will be punished.

  • Advertising of any kind is not allowed without Administrator's permission.

  • You cannot use any of the information or images in this forum without permission of an admin.Don't use people's works as your own, it's still stealing.

  • Respect the team.Administrators and moderators undercover are everywhere.

  • Follow the rules.

  • Chat Rules

    As i already said in down the right corner you will see a button "BE Chat".That obviously is our chat.His purpose is for having fun and free talk.I don't like the strict rules about chats, so we haven't such.There is no main language there, so you can speak english,spanish or what ever language you want until you don't break some of the rules.

  • If you spam the chat, chat moderator will kick you.If you keep spamming, you will be banned for a few days.

  • Moderators have the right to kick annoying members.

  • Don't post big images in the chat.They make it slower and laggy for the users.

  • If you think you are unfairly banned post a topic with all information we need in World section.

  • We thank you for your understanding and for respecting these rules.

    Bulgarian Elite Team
    BE Chat